7 Best Ways to Prepare for Someone Coming Home from Rehab

7 Best Ways to Prepare for Someone Coming Home from Rehab

Getting you and your loved ones ready for the return of a family member from rehab takes times and care. Preparing yourselves mentally can help you and your loved ones cope with changes in the behavior of the person returning home as well as the feelings of fear or doubt you may still have. Getting your loved one to go into treatment for his addiction was a big first step in his recovery. Making sure you are ready for his return is an important step as well. Using these seven tips can help prepare you for the next part of the journey to a drug-free life.

1. Talk to Your Loved One’s Therapist

Having a talk or two with your loved one’s therapist about how he is doing is a great way to get important insights about his home-coming. Understanding what he has been doing to regain control of his life and let go of drug use can help you know how to encourage him as he transitions back into home life.

2. Prepare Your Home

Making sure your loved one is coming home to clean environment takes on a whole new meaning when he is returning from rehab. Emptying the entire house of any alcohol or drugs is absolutely necessary, even if you or other members of the family have no problem taking an occasional drink. It’s also important to clean out any other areas, such as garages, sheds or other places on your property that were used by your loved one to hide drugs or do drugs. Finally, make sure any prescription drugs are placed under lock and key before your loved ones arrives, and that includes any product that can be used as a drug, such as inhalants or mouth washes.

3. Plan Ahead

Hopefully, when your loved one entered rehab, or even long before that, you began learning all you could about addiction. If not, now is the time to begin increasing your knowledge about what addiction is and why it took control of your loved one’s life. Learning all you can increases his chances of rehab success and decreases the likelihood of relapse.

4. Attend Family Counseling

If you have not yet attended family counseling, now is the time to do so to help prepare your loved ones for your family member’s homecoming. Family counseling gives each member of the family an opportunity to work through the emotions of having an addicted loved one and learn how best to handle his reentry into the family unit.

5. Plan an Appropriate Welcome

Based on your loved one’s current state of mind, he may not be ready for any type of celebration when he returns home. Consider something quiet, like a gathering of a few friends or family members, just to let him know he was missed and that he is loved and supported. A large party may be too overwhelming at this stage of the journey.

6. Get Into a Support Group

Getting into a support group prior to your loved one’s homecoming from rehab can help you learn from the experiences of others when it comes to helping him return to the family. Trying to take the necessary steps on your own may not be the best way to bring your loved one home from rehab.

7. Take Time for Yourself

Dealing with an addicted loved one and taking care of your family can be overwhelming. Taking time for you during the re-entry process is important for your own mental health and overall well-being.

Finding Help for Drug Addiction

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