Alcoholism and Depression: Do They Always Go Together?

Alcoholism affects thousands of Americans every year. No one intends to become an alcoholic, and no one takes a first drink thinking that they will one day need rehab. Yet for those who do need rehab, there are more options than ever, and it is possible for you to live a life free from alcohol and drugs. Many people who struggle with alcohol also struggle with depression or anxiety. People may begin drinking because they are depressed, or they may become depressed because of the effects of alcohol consumption and the cycle of addiction.

Depression and Anxiety Are Related

Did you know that depression and anxiety often appear together? When a person spends a great deal of time experiencing anxiety and worry, he or she may become depressed by this struggle. One way some individuals may handle anxiety is through alcohol. Many former alcoholics will tell you that they first began drinking because of social anxiety, stress, depression or worry. Over time, this may lead to alcoholism and depression. A targeted, specialty rehab can offer you a way to take time off from everyday anxieties and help you build coping skills to handle temptation, stress, depression and more. No one is born knowing how to cope with anxiety and depression, and most of us cope the best way we can. If alcohol has helped you cope in the past, we can help you build a brighter future without a need for alcohol.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Helps

In the past, traditional alcohol treatment was often an unpleasant affair. Modern rehab and alcohol counseling is an entirely different story. New advances in counseling and treatment have made rehab and alcohol treatment more comfortable, more luxurious and more effective than ever.

One modern approach to alcohol treatment is integrated treatment, also known as Dual Diagnosis treatment. Dual Diagnosis treatment works to help you as a whole person and works to treat both the addiction and any mental health issue you may be struggling with. Because integrated treatment treats both mental health issues and substance abuse problems, this type of treatment can help you in many ways, including the following:

  • Faster recovery time from both problems
  • Less chance of relapse
  • More counseling support than substance abuse treatment alone
  • Help finding medicines that will treat depression and anxiety effectively (if needed)
  • Treatment that looks at patients as a whole person and treats them with respect and understanding

Another great benefit of integrated treatment is that some newer treatment programs offer luxury integrated treatment that allows you to benefit from the following:

  • Luxury surroundings and hotel-like accommodations
  • Organic, chef-prepared meals
  • Extras like massage, yoga or climbing courses

Help Finding Treatment for Alcoholism and Depression

Alcoholism and depression do not always go together, but they go together so often that specialized treatment is available for this particular situation. We can help you. We offer a toll-free helpline that is staffed by caring and experienced counselors. You can call any time, 24 hours a day, and we can help you find the best treatment to fit your needs. Let our research help you and your family. There is hope for a brighter tomorrow. Call us today.