Biological Effects of Depression

Biological Effects of Depression

When people think about the symptoms of depression, they often focus on the strong mental and emotional effects of the disease. However the physical effects of depression can be incredibly debilitating. Understanding just how depression can affect you or someone that you love can be the first step in getting professional help for depression.

The Biological Effects of Depression

If you live with someone who suffers from clinical depression, you may recognize the following visible or physical symptoms of depression:

  • Changes in sleep that include insomnia or spending excessive amounts of time sleeping
  • Withdrawing from social events and family gatherings
  • Experiencing a huge decrease in general physical activity
  • Diabetes, heart disease, increased blood pressure, the development of blood clots and stroke are often seen in those who are struggling with severe clinical depression

When depression and illness of a physical nature are combined, treatment may be complex. Additionally those who have clinical depression are often reluctant to seek out professional help

When Addiction Issues Complicate Depression

Many who are living with depression and do not receive professional help turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of self-medication. Addiction, alcoholism and depression are all progressive diseases, so when they combine the situation is just going to get worse. Getting help for depression is part of learning how to live a life that is free from the harsh effects of this debilitating mental illness. A rehab program that offers a Dual Diagnosis and dual treatment plan for treating depression and addiction simultaneously can provide realistic solutions for long-term wellbeing. The idea behind a Dual Diagnosis program is to recognize each issue as its own concern and offer individualized treatment plans for any issues related to depression and addiction.

Get Real Depression Help Today

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