Can Any Good Come from a Drug Charge?

Can Any Good Come from a Drug Charge?

Being arrested on a drug charge may seem like your worst nightmare: you endured the embarrassment of arrest and arraignment; you have talked to your lawyer; you may have even faced the judge and feel defeated and discouraged. However, the arrest can actually lead to good outcomes—you can redeem the situation by improving your life.

In fact, a drug charge may yield the following benefits:

  • You can finally that admit you have a problem. A drug charge can easily be the wakeup call for problems with your drug use. Until this point, you may have dismissed your drug habits or rationalized them, but a drug charge will help you see that you need help. Fortunately, you can stop using drugs before it gets any worse.
  • You cannot hide your addiction anymore. You may have spent months or even years hiding your drug abuse from others, so you have probably become adept at deceit, denial and deflection. However, such deception comes with a heavy weight of guilt for mistreating and misleading your loved ones. A drug charge brings your addiction into the light, which allows you to be honest with yourself and others. This kind of interaction opens the door to seeking the help you need.
  • You can get the help you need. By being arrested on a drug charge, you may be eligible for a state rehab program. Many states allow non-violent drug offenders to enter a recovery regimen rather than going to jail. The availability of the program will likely be based on whether you have been arrested before and on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Even if a court-based treatment program is unavailable, you can still get treatment with the right help. For instance, talk with your insurance company to see what drug rehab options your plan covers. Your insurance company cannot inform your employer of what benefits you used, so you need not worry about being exposed before you want to tell your supervisor and coworkers.
  • You can deal with the problems that led to drug use. Many people abuse drugs to escape negative emotions. Perhaps you have been stressed lately because of work, so you might take prescription drugs to feel better. Other people abuse drugs to alleviate the pain of a past trauma. In other words, you likely misuse prescription drugs for a reason, so getting arrested allows you the opportunity to uncover and deal with that reason.

Keep in mind that these benefits will be available to you only if you take advantage of them. If you continue on your path of denial and deception, then you will continue spiraling downward into deeper addiction. Staying where you are leads to severe problems, but treatment can lead to recovery.

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