Can Other People Tell I Have Depression?

Can Other People Tell I Have Depression?

Depression is currently one of the most popular diagnoses in the country with more than 9.5% of the American public struggling with this serious illness. It affects people of all different ages, races, and genders, and can quickly cause many negative side effects to develop, many of which are noticeable to others. Even though an individual with depression might not think that his symptoms are that recognizable, the traits of depression are often seen by many, especially if the disorder is untreated.

How Do People Know That I Have Depression?

Not every single person with depression will have evident characteristics that attract the notice of others, however most individuals who struggle with this disorder do. Since the traits of depression are often life changing, it is difficult for all the behavioral changes to fly under the radar, especially in the presence of loved ones. There are numerous symptoms of depression that can cause others to begin taking notice, including the following:

  • Loss of interest – Everybody has particular interests, be it a sports activity, cooking, dining out or more. If you are depressed, you are likely to begin withdrawing from your once beloved interests, alerting others who participated in them with you that something might be off.
  • Extreme agitation – One of the most common signs of depression is extreme agitation, irritability, and violent outbursts. This generally occurs in response to your consistent feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. These types of behaviors are often incredibly obvious to everyone around you, including strangers who might witness one of your angry mood swings.
  • Increased fatigue – When depression hits, it can hit hard. As it does, it can quickly begin to interrupt your sleeping patterns causing you to be constantly tired and seeking sleep. This can impact your social life as well as your professional life, and those whom you work and hang out with will likely begin noticing your absence or disconnected behavior.

Symptoms such as loss of interest, extreme agitation, and increased fatigue are all obvious signs that you might be suffering from depression. These signs can easily notify others of your battle with depression.

Benefits of Treatment

The best and most effective way to prevent others from catching onto your depression is by seeking the treatment that you need. In treatment you can learn how to control and cope with your ever-present symptoms. As you do, you will likely receive medications that will help restore chemical balance to your brain, as well as therapeutic services that can help you learn how to live successfully with depression privately. While there is no shame in depression, it is important to be able to control the symptoms so they do not negatively impact yourself or others. By getting into treatment, you can fight back against your depressive symptoms and better your life.

Do You Need Treatment for Depression?

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