Can You Send a Person to Drug Rehab Against His or Her Will?

Can You Send a Person to Drug Rehab Against His or Her Will?

When you know a loved one needs help, you do not want to sit back and wait for him or her to slide further into addiction before coming to that realization or accepting that fact for him or herself. Untreated addiction only gets worse with time, and the legal, personal, professional and financial ramifications of addiction will accumulate as this disease progresses. However not all states allow people to be signed up for addiction treatment against their will unless the criminal justice system demands it, and even in states where it is allowed, there is controversy over the benefits of forced rehab.

Is Coerced Addiction Treatment Effective?

Time magazine reports, “People who are coerced into rehab do no worse than those who attend voluntarily” (“Should States Let Families Force Addicts Into Rehab?” October 2012). However this means that both groups fare equally poorly, as most addicts will relapse after treatment if they do not attend an individualized, professional program with extensive aftercare resources. Part of the reason for this is that rehab is often viewed as punitive and coercive rather than supportive and encouraging, and this is a view that is strengthened when treatment is forced or pressured by family members, employers or the legal system. Time explains that, addicts “fear quitting not because you love drugs so much, but because you can’t imagine the alternative.” Once addiction has set in, individuals use drugs more as a source of comfort than to get high. The goal of a rehab program should be to address underlying mental and physical health concerns while assuring addicts that a drug-free life can be comforting and rewarding by providing alternative activities and support sources.

Finding Effective Addiction Treatment

While top-quality rehab programs work hard to provide quality care and help addicts overcome addiction, it can be confusing to know how to navigate all the choices available. The high numbers of rehab programs that provide sub-par care can make any addiction treatment, much less forced treatment, seem ineffective or pointless. Do not let the statistics overwhelm or discourage you. Talk with our admissions coordinators about your concerns for your addicted love one or yourself. We are here to connect you to addiction treatment options that are offered by qualified, experienced and highly trained professionals. We can help you on every step of the recovery journey, from intervention to detox to treatment to long-term aftercare and follow-up. We want you and your loved one to find a healthy, satisfying and drug-free life, and we are here 24 hours a day to help you do so.