Coping Skills for Depression

Depression is a terrible illness that can take over your life, your relationships and your happiness if left untreated. Clinical depression is a serious disorder characterized by two or more weeks of lethargy, sadness, hopelessness, fear and other troubling symptoms. Depression can make you feel like there is no way out, but you can cope with and manage depression.

How to Cope with Depression

The following are ways to cope with your depression right now:

  • Talk with someone. Call a recovery helpline or talk with a friend about your situation. While some people may not understand what you are going through, counselors and therapists understand exactly what you are experiencing.
  • Take things one moment at a time. If the day seems overwhelming, concentrate on this hour or this minute. Do what you need to do to get up, get moving and take care of yourself.
  • Consider lifestyle changes. While making serious lifestyle changes can take time, there are some things you can do right now to feel better. Skip the junk food and eat something healthy. If you don’t feel like eating, try to eat a small meal. If friends invite you out, go with them instead of staying home. A counselor can help you determine how to change your life so that you can be happier in the future.
  • Consider treatment for depression. There are quality depression treatment programs available. Proper depression treatment can help you manage your situation clearly, balance your emotions, receive support and assistance and balance medications if needed.

It can be tempting to drink away your problems or use drugs to feel temporarily better. Unfortunately these actions lead to a dangerous cycle of abuse that can lead to addiction and even worse depression. Avoid drugs and alcohol abuse if possible, but if you already have a substance use problem, there is specialty treatment available. Integrated treatment can address depression and addiction issues. Integrated treatment combines the best practices of substance abuse rehab with proven and effective mental health treatment. Integrated treatment helps you heal from multiple issues at the same time. We can help you find a program that fits your needs.

Find Depression Help Now

If depression has got you down, call us. We can help you find treatment, get through a difficult moment or just help you explore your options for a happier future. When you call us at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline you will speak confidentially with one of our experienced recovery counselors who will take the time to get to know you and help you make positive decisions for your future. We are a fully licensed facility and we work with many of the nation’s top mental health and substance abuse treatment programs to provide you a variety of choices. Call now, and find out how we can help you.