Depression and Addiction after a Brain Injury

Depression and Addiction after a Brain Injury

Have you noticed personality changes in yourself or a loved one after a brain injury? An injury to the brain can be devastating and can cause your loved one to transform into someone that you do not recognize. Many people overcoming brain injuries find that they are now living with both an addiction and depression as a direct result of the injury. You can help yourself or a loved one break free from the devastating results of a brain injury.

How Brain Injuries Change a Person

A traumatic brain injury can have a great impact on the brain. Normal brain function is altered, and someone who was once happy and easygoing may struggle with depression. Depression may be the result of the following:

  • Depression can occur when the injured person faces his or her mortality
  • Depression can occur when the person who sustained the brain injury realizes that regaining the life they once led is no longer an option
  • A physical problem such as incomplete control over hands or legs resulting from the brain injury can serve as a trigger for depression
  • Prescription drug side effects often include depression, so an individual taking medication may experience these effects

Addiction after a brain injury may be the result of using drugs to self-medicate depression and other negative emotions. Getting professional help for depression can help remove addiction from the picture.

Professional Help for Depression and Addiction

When you reach out for professional help for depression and addiction, you are taking the first move toward a life that is happier and healthier. Some of the benefits of professional treatment include the following:

  • Professional medical and counseling staff will provide you with integrated treatment that works to identify the many aspects of your mental and emotional condition including depression, addiction and anxiety
  • A workable treatment plan will be customized to meet your unique situation
  • Counseling will help you to better understand yourself and your addiction
  • Before you leave our facilities, you will be equipped to handle future life-stressors in a much healthier manner as you will learn various valuable coping tools

Getting professional treatment for your addiction and depression is a vital part of learning to live a life that is under your control.

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