Depression and Drug Treatment

Drug addiction and depression often go together. In many ways the two conditions feed each other and prevent recovery. In order for real, lasting recovery to be realized both the addiction and the depression must be diagnosed and treated in an integrated and holistic way.

Drug Use as Self Medication for Depression

The majority of drug addicts also suffer from depression or other psychological disorders. In many cases addicts abuse illegal drugs to self-medicate depression subconsciously. Unfortunately many drug addicts receive some form of treatment for addiction without the underlying depression being identified or treated at all. These people are almost doomed to relapse. The most successful forms of modern addiction therapy treat the entire addicted person: body, mind and spirit.

Overcoming Physical Addiction

A physical addiction is established when a drug replaces natural chemicals in the brain. The user will not be able to feel normal until the natural chemicals are restored. This process can take from several days to more than a week, during which the addict is likely to experience a wide range of very severe symptoms of withdrawal. Though some people attempt to detox on their own, it is especially important for a person struggling with depression to detox with close medical supervision. One of the symptoms of withdrawal can be depression and during detox some depressed people can become self-destructive or suicidal.

Overcoming Psychological Addiction

The more complicated and powerful side of addiction is the psychological aspect. The high achieved with drug use causes a strong relief of any emotional pain or psychological distress. Since a depressed person is certain to have these issues, it takes almost no time at all for the user to become psychologically addicted. In most cases this emotional craving functions at a level that is more powerful than any conscious will the user has to get clean. Thus, regardless of their personal determination, it is not likely that addicts will achieve real freedom until the depression is addressed and the psychological addiction is conquered through intensive, caring and customized rehabilitation of the mind.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Depression

The most effective recovery therapies involve a process called Dual Diagnosis treatment in which any issues related to a user’s addiction are diagnosed and treated along with the addiction. These programs will often involve various forms of counseling and therapy, alongside 12-step programs, spiritual care and ongoing education about living sober. Specialized therapies like dialectical behavior treatment are proving effective with co-occurring psychological conditions like depression and addiction. All aspects of depression and the addiction must be treated simultaneously.

Find Addiction Recovery Help

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