Depression and Jobs That Require Travel

For many people, the idea of traveling for a job seems exciting. You get to go to different places, experience new foods, encounter other cultures and explore unique geographies. For others, traveling for work is undesirable as it affects their ability to treat depression. You can get help if you reach out to the right sources.

Jobs that Require Travel and How They Affect Depression

Travel directly affects flight attendants, sailors, pilots, navy personnel and freight transporters. Other jobs such as tour guides, photojournalists, reporters, importer/exporter also involve extensive travel. However, some jobs require traveling even though people may not expect it; some of these jobs include geologists who travel the world seeking fossil fuel sources, teachers who travel to educate children in other countries, consulting, sales, recruiting and marketing.

Contributors to Depression

Regardless of whether you enjoy traveling for your job, several factors can contribute to your depression, including the following:

  • Lack of control – you may be unable to control when you travel, how often you travel or the period of time between trips. Not being able to plan carefully can be stressful, which leads to the overwhelming feeling many depressed people experience.
  • No downtime – when people travel a great deal, they often lack time to relax because they have to run errands, do chores, pay bills and reconnect with family and friends. This does not give the body the time to rejuvenate.
  • Food and sleep –Many factors can interfere with your sleeping and eating patterns, both of which can cause physical ailments that can discourage travelers greatly. To offset your insomnia, you may take a sleep aid that may make you drowsy both mentally and physically.

All of these factors can contribute to you becoming depressed. When you add depression to your already stressful life, you are at risk for seeking relief through drug or alcohol use.

Get Help for Depression with a Traveling Job

If drugs or alcohol have become your solution for dealing with depression that comes from excessive travel, please give us a call today. We can help you identify healthier ways to deal with depression, how and when you should consult a physician and we can inform you about treatment strategies if your drug or alcohol use has become abusive. You are not alone out on the road. We are a simple phone call away. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline any time and let us help you deal with your depression.