Depression Help for Gastroenterologists and Proctologists

Any job in the medical field requires years of training and expertise. When you have completed your residency, many people expect you to feel accomplished, successful and happy. Yet depression affects many doctors and surgeons each year. If you specialize in gastroenterology, colorectal surgery, proctology or digestive disease, you are no stranger to dealing with patients who struggle with the emotional impact of illness. The stress of this career may take its toll and lead to depression or attempts to self-medicate. There are confidential specialty programs available that cater to the needs of educated professionals in the medical field.

Depression and Medicine Is a Dangerous Combination

Depression affects every part of your life. It can cause you to hesitate during important decisions, and it can lead to temporary memory problems and concentration issues. Your career and your patients depend on your wellness. Many doctors feel that they don’t have time or an appropriate place to seek help for depression. No one likes to admit that depression may be a problem. With easy access to medicine, some surgeons and doctors try to self-medicate. It is easy to fall into the trap of believing you have everything under control. Depression and the effects of self-medicating can cause even the most brilliant doctor to make poor decisions. It is up to you to seek help for depression. We can help you find confidential luxury and executive rehab, medication management and counseling programs.

The Story of Bob: A Doctor Who Lost It All but Succeeded in Recovery

William Wilson known as “Bill W.” among friends was once a highly successful stock broker who lost a great deal of money during the depression and even more because of alcoholism. Bill W. sought treatment for alcoholism but found no support for his anxiety or depression. Finally he was put in contact with Dr. Smith, or more commonly known as “Bob S.” to his friends. Both Bill and Bob struggled with depression, anxiety and alcoholism. They worked together to form one of the world’s most successful wellness efforts in the history of man. Because of the work of these two men millions of individuals and families received hope.

What you may not know is that Dr. Bob, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon, was a successful proctologist (colorectal surgeon) before depression and addiction took over his life. Addiction and depression left his practice in ruins, and his career hit rock bottom. Although Dr. Bob’s situation was so severe that he was given no hope of recovery, he went on to recover and help millions achieve wellness and happiness. June 10, 1935 was the date of Dr. Bob’s last drink and the birth of his path to wellness. That same day is also the official birthday of Alcoholics Anonymous. Since that time, substance abuse and mental health treatment has grown in leaps and bounds and is still developing with new specialty treatments every year.

Find Professional Depression and Addiction Help

Please call our toll-free helpline to speak confidentially with one of our addiction counselors. Let us help you find a path to recovery, success and wellness. You can beat depression; we can help.