Depression over a Family Member’s Addiction

Living with an addict can be quite challenging for all members of the family. Negative behaviors associated with addiction can have many lasting effects on every family member. You could find that you are depressed about the current state of your family’s life, which may require counseling and treatment for your own mental health. So what do you do in order to help yourself, help your family, and help your loved one with addiction?

Treatment for Mental Health

It can be extremely burdensome to shoulder your family’s responsibilities while a loved one is struggling with addiction. Watching your family deconstruct because of an addiction can affect the mental health of you and your children. The following are a few ways that you can help your family heal:

  • Depression over a family member using drugs, participating in risky behaviors and becoming financially irresponsible can hit anyone hard. These issues need to all be resolved before you can feel confident that your family is stable.
  • Getting an addict the necessary rehab help is an important step. By issuing ultimatums that are in the best interest of your family as a whole, you can feel confident that you are taking your family in the right direction.
  • Your disappointment in a loved one who has turned to drugs or alcohol is not going to go away, even if the addict gets help. However, by getting help you can start the process of rebuilding trust and slowly mending the relationship.
  • Your depression over an addiction needs to be treated. Even when your addicted loved one gets rehab treatment, your own depression will likely remain unless you receive help.

With depression and addiction being so closely linked, it is important that you treat your depression as a serious matter. Not only is the family addiction causing your depression, but depression can also develop an addiction if left untreated.

Getting Loved Ones Addiction Help

If you are struggling with depression over a family member who is refusing to admit that her addiction is a huge problem, give us a call. Calls are toll free and confidential to our 24 hour helpline. Our counselors will help you find treatment for your depression while offering options for family addiction help. Do your part to get the ball rolling. Give us a call and allow us to help you or your loved one and your family as a whole.