How to Find a Job in Recovery

How to Find a Job in Recovery

Completing rehab or addiction treatment is a great step toward recovering from your addiction, but finishing treatment does not mean that all of your problems related to addiction are solved. Getting sober during rehab improves your living situation, but a number of challenges will crop up after treatment ends, such as finding a job. While getting a job after recovery is a stressful obstacle, you will be able to cope with the stress and you will find it easier than you thought if you use some of the skills you learned during treatment.

Why Look for a New Job After Rehab Ends?

When you are in recovery, you may want a new job for a number of reasons. No matter how much you care about your job, addiction causes people to lose sight of their goals, which can result in job termination. Once you are sober, you may realize that you need a job where you can both provide for yourself and also build a career. After getting clean, some users decide that their current jobs are unsuitable for them, whether it is because of stress that triggers substance abuse, or because it is in an environment that promotes substance abuse. Whatever the reason, if you leave rehab and feel the need to change careers, then it may be the right move to look for a new job.

Interviewing for a New Job After Rehab

Interviewing for a new job following treatment can be stressful for users, partially because they are unsure how or if they should speak about their addictions. Legally, you are not required to reveal past problems with addiction, so you can decide if you should share this aspect with your prospective employer or not. While being honest may explain gaps in employment and shed light on what you have experienced, depending on the employer it could harm future relationships or hinder your selection. It is best to be transparent about your addiction if possible, but being honest about your addiction may not always mean revealing your past during your job interview.

Recover from Addiction and Start a New Career

Sometimes the first step to an exciting, new career is to get help recovering from addiction. Until you stop using drugs, you will not be able to live up to your full potential. Call our toll-free helpline now to speak with an admissions coordinator who can direct you to an effective treatment center and let you know if your health insurance will cover rehab. They are available for you 24 hours a day to help you learn more about the benefits of rehab, so call now.