Finding Lesbian and Gay Addiction and Mental Health Professionals

Finding Lesbian and Gay Addiction and Mental Health Professionals

Sometimes, finding the right addiction or mental health professional can be a struggle. The chemistry needs to be right, you both have to be on the same page, and understand what your primary needs of care are going to be. Not every professional is going to be someone you feel comfortable confiding in, especially if you feel they might be opposed to your own personal beliefs.

As the gay and lesbian community continues to strive towards 100% equality, there are still many challenges that can be a cause for discomfort, including finding a mental health professional. Similar to women generally requesting a female gynecologist for relatable reasons, the gay and lesbian community can also find the help they need all while feeling comfortable around professionals who are either homosexual or defend it.

How to Find Gay and Lesbian Addiction and Mental Health Professionals

There are hundreds of addiction and mental health facilities located here in the United States, all ready and willing to help anyone who wants to help themselves. While these options are fantastic, it can be difficult to find facilities that provide specialty services for the homosexual community.

  • Get online – One of your best options to weed through the different types of addiction and mental health services is to get online and start surfing the web. By typing in exactly what you are looking for, you can turn up results that have facilities, programs, and support groups that are gay-friendly. The internet can also provide contact information to reach these types of programs.
  • Call around – Start with your primary care physician for his recommendations for treatment. Call their recommended professionals and ask if they know of any gay or lesbian health professionals. By getting on the phone, making connections with other people, and gathering information, you are bound to find out what facilities near you can be a source for this specialized treatment. You can also call addiction helplines that can guide you in the right direction.
  • Contact the insurance company – Contacting your insurance company can get you started on the right foot. Most insurance companies have laundry lists of mental health professionals and addiction specialists who accept your insurance, and often times have more background information on each professional. You can begin to work with the insurance company to find a medical professional who specializes in gay and lesbian mental health and addiction.

While it can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task, finding a gay or lesbian addiction or mental health professional can provide you with the care you need to get healthy again. Not only will you get the proper therapy, join specialized activities, and work with licensed physicians, you will be given the opportunity to feel comfortable at a time where comfort might seem nearly impossible. By talking to others, gathering up your resources and keeping a clear line of communication with your insurance company, you can begin to find the treatment and professionals you want to incorporate into your life for the better.

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