Five Ways that Community Support Can Help You Stay Sober

Five Ways that Community Support Can Help You Stay Sober

Support has been essential in the lives of many people who have been through the difficult process of addiction recovery. For some, it has even been the most important factor since it was through addiction support groups they have found the necessary tools to be successful.

Reaching and maintaining sobriety has been one of the main achievements of community addiction support, not only because community support helps former addicts spend time away from temptations, but also because meetings become a place to find encouragement for progress and ideas to make that progress an ongoing process. These are five ways in which addiction support groups have been helpful.

  1. Relapse prevention – Sobriety can only be maintained by avoiding relapses. A relapse can not only cause many damages in a physical way, but could also mean going back to a dependency on drugs that could take months or perhaps even years of treatment to rehabilitate. Addiction community groups often discuss ways to deal with cravings and temptations.
  2. Feelings are expressed and not bottled – Many relapses occur because a person might feel so overwhelmed by problems or other difficult circumstances that he now starts thinking that using drugs will make him feel better. Those feelings can be shared with others through community addiction support groups while at the same time allow room for suggestions on how to deal with emotions.
  3. Never feeling alone – Knowing that a history of addiction is more common than previously believed can help a recovering addict see that there is nothing wrong with him as a person and that looking for help is the best way to go. He can also see that true supporters are people who really care for his wellbeing and ongoing recovery.
  4. Learning from others – An important part of community support groups such as 12-Step groups involves receiving help but also helping others. Through these interactions, an addict in recovery finds many new ways to make sobriety easier by giving direction and stability to his life.
  5. Receiving encouragement – Encouragement goes hand in hand with speaking about getting support. For example, when others take note of a recovering person’s progress and commend that person for getting there, the recovering person feels motivated to continue forward knowing that new milestones can be reached and recognized.

Addiction Support Groups as Part of Daily Life

It has been proven how beneficial support groups are as part of inpatient rehab treatment. These benefits of addiction rehab can be continued in life after treatment. Many after treatment programs and rehab alumni groups include these support meetings in group or even individual settings because benefits such as the ones mentioned have been crucial in the now sober lives of former addicts.

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