Get Help for Postpartum Depression and Substance Abuse

New motherhood is supposed to be a time of great joy, family and accomplishment. Any mom will tell you that the first months after a baby is born are the most exhausting and challenging months of your life. Some mothers may experience the even greater challenge of struggling with postpartum depression, a serious illness. Overall, depression is one of the most undetected and untreated illnesses around. Many people fail to recognize depression and others do not treat their depression. New moms faced with overwhelming postpartum depression may turn to substance abuse in an attempt to self-medicate. Unfortunately, this practice does not bring wellness, and new moms may end up with addiction problems on top of depression.

Postpartum Depression and Addiction: One Woman’s Story

Janel was a typical suburban mom. She had a caring husband, two young children and a new baby. She worked part-time from home and lived a stable life. Janel had struggled with depression as a teenager, but now that she was in her thirties she had not suffered from any ailments or emotional struggles that were out of the ordinary. Janel described herself as lucky and happy.

When Janel had her youngest son, she had a normal pregnancy but a difficult delivery. Her son was born by an emergency C-section. Fortunately, everyone recovered, and Janel was sent home with her new baby and some C-section stitches. She was also sent home with a prescription oxycodone painkiller.

Overwhelmed with three small children, Janel was overly tired. She began to feel sad every day. She had crying spells, mood swings, feelings of guilt and detachment from her children. She often thought of suicide. She continued to take the painkiller prescription she was given for her C-section surgery. Janel noticed that her prescription made her feel relaxed and relieved, and she soon finished the entire bottle.

Although she knew it was wrong, Janel called her doctor, lied and told him that she had mistakenly thrown out the medicine. She got a new prescription, and soon Janel was hooked. It was many painful months of addiction and doctor shopping before Janel got help. She lost her job and she nearly lost her marriage. Fortunately, rehab saved her life. Soon she was back to normal and back to enjoying life with her family.

Help for Postpartum Depression and Substance Abuse

Not everyone has a story like Janel’s. Substance abuse can take many forms and does not always involve addiction. But when there are young children involved, it is a good idea to seek treatment before the problem becomes worse. It is important to understand that postpartum depression is much more than just regular sadness. Postpartum depression requires treatment. If you are trying to self-medicate for postpartum depression, you may be harming yourself or your baby.

We are here to help you through this difficult time. Our experienced counselors can take the time to learn more about you and help you find the best treatment available. We are available 24 hours a day and can even help you work with your insurance company to get coverage for the treatment you and your family need. Let us help you today. Call our toll-free helpline now to speak with someone who cares.