Grief Counseling and Addiction Help

Everyone experiences grief in life, but not everyone copes with grief well. When grief and addiction are working hand-in-hand, you may feel like there is no way out, but there is hope.

Grief May Cause You to Self-Medicate

Losing someone or something you love is one of the most difficult experiences a person can endure. Sometimes we try to self-medicate our sorrows with alcohol, substances or activities like gambling or sexual activity. Everyone grieves in different ways, but when your grief seems to be tearing your life apart, it may be time to seek help. Behind every addiction is an experience as unique as you are. With the right treatment, you can find help for addiction and the underlying causes of that addiction.

Addiction Can Lead to Grief-Filled Situations

Addiction is a disease of loss. When you took that first drink or tried that first drug, you were not planning on becoming addicted. Unfortunately, addiction robs us of the most precious things in life. Has addiction caused you to lose friends, family members or your career? Has addiction cost you your education, your hobbies and your dreams? Addiction is an expensive illness, costing millions of dollars to society and costing much more to each individual person affected by addiction. You may do things you regret while using a substance or engaging in addiction behavior. You may feel regret and grief over your actions. You may have been exposed to terrible and traumatic situations because of addiction. Sometimes you need more than addiction counseling alone.

A New Kind of Treatment for Grief and Addiction

Dual Diagnosis treatment, sometimes called integrated treatment, is a new kind of treatment that works to heal addiction and the grief that goes along with addiction. No matter what came first, there is a treatment solution that works for you.

Find Help for Grief and Addiction

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