How Depression Support Groups Can Help You Heal

Depression is a mental illness that can be hard to overcome. If you have suffered from a depressed mood for more than two weeks and have other symptoms including feeling irritable, sleepy or uninterested in hobbies, you may have depression. When you have depression, everything you do seems a little more complicated. You may feel overwhelmed or tired. You may not feel like talking to other people. You may have crying spells, or you may think about death. If you are depressed right now, don’t forget that there is a way out of this feeling. You can get past this. There are people who understand where you are now and who are waiting to help.

Depression and Substance Abuse

People who are depressed may try to self-medicate intense feelings of sadness with alcohol, drugs or addictive activities. It can be tempting to self-medicate these powerful emotions, but self-medicating often leads to more problems. In some cases, self-medication can lead to substance abuse and addiction.

Once a person begins using substances, he or she does not usually feel better. In fact, most addictive substances only make the problem worse, and the addicted person begins a difficult cycle of self-medicating, feeling guilty and using more substances.

Some people describe a moment in their lives when they realized that they could not remember which came first: addiction or depression. These two ailments often go hand-in-hand. So many people suffer from depression and addiction that there are specialty programs available to help individuals overcome both issues at the same time. These programs can be lifesaving.

Share Your Story to Help Empower Yourself and Others

You may be interested in attending a support group for depression, but you might feel concerned about what goes on in depression support group meetings. However, everyone is nervous when first seeking help for depression. Support groups provide a healing and supportive environment. You will learn that you are not alone in your journey. Many people receive a great deal of comfort from support groups, and you can too. As you become happier, you may continue meeting with your support group. Many people describe a feeling of great pride in being able to help others break through depression. Support groups can help you recover now, and they can help you move on to the next phase of your life.

Find Depression Support Now

If you are depressed or if you are battling a substance abuse problem along with your depression, we can help you. We offer a toll-free helpline that is staffed by experienced counselors. We can help you find support groups, treatment and mental health care options that can meet your needs. We can even help you arrange insurance coverage for any needed depression or addiction help. Let us help you today. We area available 24 hours a day, so call and speak with a caring counselor now.