How Does Physical Health Affect Mental Health?

There is much said about the body mind connection; however, just how much about it do you know? With physical health and mental health so very often treated as two individual fields, it can often be overlooked that there is a very strong link between the two.

How Physical Health Works

The following are a few ways that your physical self can impact your mental and emotional health:

  • If your body is not in peak condition, it can help your self-worth plummet. If you are already prone to anxiety or depression, then it can take no time at all for your mind to lean toward the negative.
  • With a lack of good nutrition and physical activity, your body and mind body suffer. There is a strong connection between poor nutrition and mental health.
  • A body that is injured or struggling with pain, along with a mind that is anxious or depressed, can quickly contribute to addiction in an attempt to self-medicate symptoms.

What Is Holistic Rehabilitation?

When you receive rehab help from our facilities, you receive the benefit of holistic and natural wellness rehab treatments. With a firm belief in the body mind connection, our integrated treatment programs work to treat each patient as a whole. We take into consideration the affect that a sick body can have on mental health and addiction. Our teams of highly-qualified professionals then work with you to develop a solution that will offer physical wellness and mental health restoration.

  • Physical Health and Addiction: Unless the physical concerns are effectively treated, it is almost a futile exercise to treat the addiction. With the pain and discomfort caused by the body being directly responsible for the development of the addiction, without treating both there is a very high risk of relapse.
  • Physical Wellness and Mental Health: Our natural wellness rehab programs will help you find the best solutions to restore your body back to optimal health. This could include organic nutrition that meets all of your body’s needs for nutrients, and also physical therapies that involve a good exercise routine started while minimizing physical pain.

Help with Addiction and Mental Health

Take the first step to achieve both physical health and mental health; call us today at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to discuss your mental and physical health concerns. Our experienced counselors can help you find treatment, arrange insurance coverage for treatment and more. Allow us to help you find your own mind body connection. You deserve a healthy future!