How Oppression Contributes to Depression and Substance Abuse

How Oppression Contributes to Depression and Substance Abuse

Depression and addiction can develop from many issues, and many issues can make these problems worse. One of the many problems that can lead to these issues is oppression, but oppression can also make existing cases of depression and substance abuse even more unbearable than they were before. If you or someone you know struggles with depression and drug abuse while suffering under oppression, then seek help to begin addressing all problems at the same time.

How Oppression Causes Depression and Substance Abuse

Depression and substance abuse can develop in a number of ways, such as after physical or sexual assault, physical injury, loss, natural disaster or extreme stress. However, oppression is just as likely to cause these issues, as it creates the following side effects:

  • Lack of expression – Those who are oppressed may feel scared or unwilling to express themselves, so they swallow painful emotions rather than processing them. This lack of expression can be so demoralizing that people quickly become depressed and begin abusing drugs and/or alcohol to cope.
  • Anxiety – Oppressed people often experience high levels of anxiety, so they feel like they must walk on eggshells for fear of further mistreatment. Anxiety can lead to depression, as it begins to cripple daily life with depressive side effects, which people may self-medicate through substance abuse.
  • Little hope – People who are oppressed often feel as though they will never escape the oppression they face. Therefore, they begin to believe that their futures are dull, as it seems impossible to succeed in life while being oppressed. This despair for the future can create feelings of hopelessness, which in turn can lead to both depression and resulting substance abuse.

Oppression can cause depression and substance abuse by causing people to feel punished for expressing themselves, anxious about punishment and as though they have no hope for the future. However, professional treatment can address oppression and resulting depression and substance abuse, so seek help to begin recovering from your dangerous conditions.

Treatment for Oppression, Depression and Substance Abuse

The combination of depression and substance abuse is a common pair of problems to have, which means many treatment professionals are used to seeing these problems in patients. Therefore, these conditions are treatable: oppressed people who suffer from depression and substance abuse can recover through medications that balance mood, therapy to teaches them how to manage their feelings and training to overcome challenges without substance abuse. In other words, recovery is possible with the right help.

Help Recovering from Oppression, Depression and Substance Abuse

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