How Seeking Sober Books and Blogs Can Help Your Recovery

How Seeking Sober Books and Blogs Can Help Your Recovery

Having the right tools in your recovery arsenal can increase your chances of rehab success. During addiction treatment, your recovery team of doctors, psychologists and therapists will teach you coping skills to deal with cravings; the more you use your coping skills, the better you become at resisting the temptation to drink or use drugs. After treatment ends, building a library of books and blogs that discuss the recovery journey helps you learn from experts in the field and from those who share your experiences with addiction. Having the help of others, whether in person or through their writings, reminds you that you are not alone, which means you can strive toward the life-long goal of addiction recovery.

Drug Recovery Books

Drug and alcohol recovery books can inspire those who struggle with addiction. Several popular recovery models are used in treatment programs, so choose books that support the lessons you learned in rehab to continue your own recovery. Books written by doctors, psychotherapists and psychiatrists can provide a medical professional’s point of view. However, these types of books can also be highly technical, so choose something written in a language you can understand. Books can be inspired if they are written by people who are currently in recovery or those who have found success with a particular recovery method. Reading about someone’s journey with similar struggles as yours lets you know you are not alone in your efforts to stay clean. These types of personal memoirs also let you see that success and failure are normal parts of the life-long process of addiction treatment.

Some popular book titles about the recovery journey include the following list:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: The Big Book, 4th Edition, (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., February 2002). This book contains 24 stories of hope, healing and recovery for those who struggle with alcohol addiction. It also includes information about the organization’s historic roots, and how this simple but profound program continues to help alcoholics get and stay sober.
  • 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery: Avoiding Relapse Through Self-Awareness and Right Action, by Allen Berger, Ph.D. (Hazelden, February 2008). In this book, Allen Berger, Ph.D., the Chief Clinical Officer if Cumberland Heights in Nashville, TN, shares over 36 years of clinical experience with readers. By encouraging those who struggle with addiction to grow up emotionally, Dr. Berger helps addicts recognize and face up to the self-defeating thoughts that can derail recovery.
  • Stage II Recovery: Life Beyond Addiction, by Ernie Larson (HarperOne, August 2009). Larson has been involved 12-Step programs for more than twenty years. This book focuses on rebuilding life after addiction and rehab.

Each of these titles offers a slightly different perspective about the different stages of the recovery process. Using books like these can empower you to live without drugs or alcohol. The more you learn, the better you can avoid relapse.

Addiction Recovery Blogs

Blogs provide information through a diary/journal. Informational blogs offer the latest in the science behind addiction and the available treatment options. These types of blogs help recovering addicts, as they increase understanding of addiction and its causes. On the other hand, journal-type blogs encourage people to continue their sobriety efforts. Every recovery is unique, but they all share some similar characteristics, so finding that common ground with others can remind addicts that they are in good company. Blogs are a great way to share the road to recovery with others who understand its challenges and triumphs. The following were named some of Healthline’s Best Alcoholism Blogs of the Year for 2015:

  • The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse Alcoholism features information about how drinking affects people and the science behind research and treatment for the disease
  • Recovery Reflections offers daily reflections, uplifting quotes, poems and stories by people in recovery
  • The Discovering Alcoholic is a collection of essays, stories, apps, videos and humor all aimed at helping addicts and alcoholics discover themselves
  • Addiction Inbox: the Science of Substance Abuse, is a blog by freelance blogger and science writer, Dirk Hanson. This blog is designed to teach readers about scientific and medical findings regarding drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Guinevere Gets Sober is the recovery journey and insights of a mom named Guinevere. Her blog creates a place where all addicts and their loved ones feel welcome.
  • The Immortal Alcoholic is one woman’s challenging journey of life with her husband of 40 years, an end-stage alcoholic, and his battle with cancer

Visiting these blogs and others on a regular basis can help you or your loved one stay connected to the recovery community and find hope and encouragement along the way.

Find Help for Alcoholism

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