Hypochondria and Substance Abuse

Hypochondria and Substance Abuse

Substance abuse always leads down a dangerous road to addiction, and if you suffer from a mental disorder such as hypochondria, substance abuse may be even more dangerous than for another user. A person suffering from hypochondria may actually believe he needs to use prescription or other drugs in order to treat his problems. But the problems he’s treating do not actually exist, and even if the user is taking a recommended dose, if he does not suffer from a problem requiring the drug, it is still drug abuse. Hypochondria can lead a user that normally would not abuse drugs to abusing them, and over time this can lead to addiction.

Does Hypochondria Cause Substance Addiction?

If you are a hypochondriac, you must be especially careful to avoid substance abuse. If your doctor says you are free of symptoms that would indicate a disease or other ailment, you should trust what he is saying instead of attempting to diagnose and medicate yourself. Many drugs a doctor would prescribe are addictive, and if you begin using these drugs (even if it is to treat something you think you have) against your doctor’s advice, you are opening the door to addiction.

Treating Hypochondria and Addiction

Learning about how hypochondria contributes to your substance abuse and addiction is crucial if you are to recover from addiction. If you do not manage your hypochondria, you may find yourself facing addiction again. Hypochondria and substance abuse can have a tightly intertwined relationship, and in order to successfully heal from addiction and learn to manage or minimize hypochondria, you should seek addiction treatment that focuses on both problems. Dual Diagnosis treatment is one option, but there are others as well. When looking for treatment, just be sure to find a treatment center that will teach you about how hypochondria and addiction are connected and will help you treat both problems at once.

Can I Overcome Addiction?

No matter how long you have been addicted or how severe your addiction is, with professional addiction treatment you can overcome your problem. Call our toll-free helpline today and our addiction experts will speak with you about your addiction and help you locate an effective treatment center that will help you. We are here for you 24 hours a day, so call now.