How Important Is It to Recognize Your Risk Factors for Mental Health Conditions?

How Important Is It to Recognize Your Risk Factors for Mental Health Conditions?

For many reasons, being able to evaluate mental health risk factors is a vital component of every addiction recovery program, impacting the treatment and approach to recovery.

Early Intervention Prevents or Limits Self-Medication

Mental health can dramatically impact the trajectory of an addiction. At times, it is even the root cause of the initial move toward the drug in an attempt to self-medicate. For example, an individual struggling with depression might turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

While the alcohol can provide temporary relief from the depression, it is an unhealthy long-term choice. Instead of managing the depression appropriately, the alcohol consumption hides an illness under addictive behavior. As a result, this individual now has two problems.

An early understanding of the root cause for the addictive behavior is important. The sooner this connection is identified, the quicker a fully formed and effective recovery program can be initiated.

Treating Both Conditions Is Key to a Successful Recovery Program

Understanding the correlation between the addictive behavior and any mental health conditions is vital. As this connection is understood, the treatment program must take both the mental health condition and the addiction into account. Failure to treat these as related illnesses will result in an incomplete recovery program and increase the chance of a return to both addiction and an untreated mental health condition.

If a treatment program addresses only the mental health condition, the individual is left with the physical components of addiction and (perhaps more importantly) the unhealthy habits for coping with his mental health condition. His reliance upon addictive substances to manage his mental health conditions remains, and the appeal of returning to his addiction is strong.

Similarly, a recovery program must address the mental health components. The symptoms of most mental health conditions can be managed or at least minimized with medication. Once an effective medicinal regimen has been established, one strand of the addiction has been broken. This allows an individual to focus on other aspects of his or her recovery process.

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