What Kind of Housing Should I Choose In Recovery?

What Kind of Housing Should I Choose In Recovery?

Completing rehab treatment is both an exciting and intimidating time, as you must return to the real world and make adjustments in order to remain sober after treatment. One major change you will experience after leaving rehab is in housing. Once you finish rehab you are faced with the decision of where to live, and the decision you make can have a meaningful impact on your recovery. Making the right decision about where to live can help your recovery progress faster but making the wrong decision will make it easier to fall victim to relapse and the return of your abuse habits.

Housing Options After Rehab

Your housing options after rehab depend on your situation but many users are faced with the decision to return home and live with family, relocate to another city or to enter a sober living program. Each option has its own pros and cons that must be considered. If your family is supportive of your recovery, living with family after rehab can be a great option. Family can provide some of the most valuable support and encouragement that will get you through bumps in the road to your recovery. On the other hand, if family problems are one of the root causes of your addiction, moving in with family may be a trigger and should be avoided. Relocating may be a good option because it provides you with a fresh start in an environment where you are not exposed to friends and other influences that promote drug or alcohol use. Relocation is a good option for some users while others may experience high levels of stress stemming from relocation which may not be good for recovery. Finally, another option is entering a sober living facility. Sober living is a good option for someone recovering from addiction because it provides a safe environment for the user to gradually adjust to life outside the treatment center instead of simply being thrown back into the real world. Sober living programs often offer therapy and other services that are also beneficial for the user.

Choosing the Best Addiction Treatment

Selecting an addiction treatment center is a tough choice but knowing what to look for in an effective treatment center can help. Call our toll-free helpline today to learn more about what a quality addiction treatment center looks like and to ask our addiction experts any questions you have about your addiction or recovering from addiction. We are standing by 24 hours to help you find a treatment center that will help you begin your recovery from addiction so call now and begin your treatment as soon as possible.