Why Do Many People in Recovery Work in the Treatment Field?

Why Do Many People in Recovery Work in the Treatment Field?

Following your stay in addiction treatment, you may return to your former field, but other recovering addicts start completely new careers in addiction treatment. Working in addiction treatment may not be right for everyone, but for some users it is rewarding work that benefits both their and other’s recoveries. If you are considering work in the treatment field after completing addiction treatment, then consider what the job might entail and speak with a professional to determine if such work would fit your skills and strengths.

Why Work in Addiction Treatment?

You went through addiction treatment, and so far your recovery has been a success, so why should you work in the treatment field? One reason to work in the treatment field is because it is rewarding to help recovering users get and stay clean. Although you are sober now, when you started treatment you were just as lost as any other recovering user—working in the treatment field allows you to help people who are in the same situation that you were in, which is a rewarding experience. Furthermore, working in the treatment field will also help you build on your recovery. Telling your story, relating with other recovering users and helping them overcome obstacles will strengthen everything you learned during addiction treatment.

Leaving Your Old Career to Work in the Treatment Field

Many recovering addicts who now work in the treatment field changed their career fields, which may be stressful, but worth it. If working in the treatment field is the right move for you, then take the risk and seek the work. The treatment field may require different skills than your former career, so you may need to attend training or classes to become qualified for the work you enjoy. Working in a treatment center may involve one-on-one time helping someone overcome addiction, but other roles in treatment involve paperwork and documentation. Find the right role for you to utilize your skills in the treatment field.

Start Addiction Treatment as a Worker

If you have overcome substance abuse and want to pursue a career in the treatment field, then call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer questions regarding addiction and addiction treatment, and they will let you know if they have services that can connect you with treatment work. Call now to find out how our staff can help you bolster your recovery.