Potential Consequences of Feeling Tired and Depressed

Everyone feels the pangs of exhaustion and depression at one point or another. However, most people experience these issues more, leaving them to go about their everyday lives with little to nothing motivating them. While this might be the norm, thousands of people struggle with depression and fatigue on a daily basis. These emotions can crippling every aspect of a person’s life, up to and including their employment and personal life. Being unable to pull themselves away from these emotions can threaten someone’s health and wellbeing.

Symptoms of Feeling Tired and Depressed

If you struggle with fatifue and depression, you may suffer these problems:

  • Low energy levels. Feelings of exhaustion and depression can hamper a person’s life. A product of low energy can be anything from letting the dishes pile up in the sink to calling in sick to work. When in this funk, every little problem can seem bigger, as it can be difficult to feel energized like this.
  • Poor self image. Depressed people can easily feel out of place, uninvolved and out of touch with themselves. This can quickly lead to feelings of inadequacy, prompting an even stronger urge to shirk away from responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • No motivation. Very little can motivate depressed people. Most motivation comes from an internal drive to get things done and achieve success, but it can be challenging to overcome this obstacle.

If you experience any of these issues, it is imperative that you seek help.

Consequences of Feeling Tired and Depressed

If you have fatigue and depression, you may have these issues:

  • Declined work ethic
  • Inaction around the house
  • Missing appointments or backing out of plans
  • Neglect for personal health (diet, doctor’s visits and etc.)
  • Neglect for loved ones and/or pets
  • Development of addiction to drown out feelings

For someone battling consistent feelings of tiredness and depression, getting up in the morning can be a major challenge, nevermind other challenges of the day. Because of these issues, people can quickly spiral out of control, threatening employment, their relationships, their health and other issues. For those who experience these problems, getting help is the best option for change and healthy living.

Help for Depression and Boredom

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