Reasons People Stop Taking Depression Medication

Depression creates a self-reinforcing cycle, as this mental health issue makes it difficult to deal with the underlying causes of depression. When the causes and thought patterns behind depression are not addressed and handled, the situation becomes worse.

Depression May Cause Individuals to Stop Taking Medication

In the depths of depression a person can reach a point where he or she loses hope for any future happiness. It can seem like circumstances are completely beyond control and will never get any better. At this point a person may stop taking depression medication and may also neglect his or her health and well-being in other ways such as not eating well and not getting enough rest or exercise. The person may even neglect basic hygiene and give up on everyday necessities like bathing and brushing teeth. This pattern of self-neglect will only serve to compound the problems in the person’s life and aggravate the depression.

Financial Reasons People Stop Taking Depression Medication

Situational factors may prevent a person from getting the medication he or she needs. Finances can be an obstacle to continuing depression treatment. Doctors and medications are expensive, and, if a person becomes unemployed or loses insurance coverage, he or she may simply be financially incapable of obtaining depression medication.

Other Reasons People Stop Taking Depression Medication

Individuals may feel that they have been cured of their depression and no longer need their medication. It may be that the reasons for the depression have been addressed and remedied, but it is more likely that the medication is doing its job and making the person feel better. Once use of the medication is stopped, the person is likely to relapse into depression.

There is sometimes a sense of shame or embarrassment associated with depression. This may be a lingering manifestation of outdated attitudes toward depression and mental health issues in general. It is important to remember that depression is very common in modern society and can happen to anyone. Many people who have been very successful have dealt with depression at some point in their lives. Depression can rob a person of his or her ambition and potential, causing him or her to give up on his or her goals and dreams for the future. Depression is also potentially dangerous since it may lead to suicide. Finding appropriate and professional depression treatment is essential for a healthy and happy future.

Questions about Depression or Treatment?

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