Should I Get Depression Medication from a Psychiatrist or My General Practitioner?

There are many stigmas attached to depression, medicating it, and getting professional help for it. Unfortunately, this can result in many people either ignoring their depression or asking a general practitioner for help.

While reaching out for help, in any form, is a step in the right direction, simply receiving pills for depression from someone who is not necessarily trained to understand the best methods of depression treatment can actually make the situation a lot worse.

Find the Right Treatment Plan for Your Depression

Depression experts will tell you that getting the right type of treatment for depression and addiction can make a world of difference. Without the proper depression treatment, you will simply find yourself back to square one in a relatively short amount of time. A professional who has the training and experience working with mood disorder, mental illness and addiction is often in a better position to offer a Dual Diagnosis treatment to someone who is struggling, and a proper diagnosis will lead to a workable treatment plan that will allow for the treatment of both the depression and addiction separately. Without treating each aspect of the person, the person as a whole will never be able to live a life free of either.

Quality rehab help will offer those living with depression an opportunity to break away from the life stressors and triggers that are contributing to unhappiness or addiction. Depression experts will also introduce several forms of beneficial therapy that may include individual, family, couples and even group counseling. Your depression treatment will not just include pills for depression but will also include learning how to identify the causes and triggers for your depressive behaviors. Without learning more about addiction and how it affects you, you will never be able to fully move forward from your depression.

While your general practitioner is an excellent starting point for discussing your addiction, it is very important that you place your need for quality depression treatment into the hands of those who are familiar with the process. Our medical staff is qualified to address your physical concerns, along with the effective treatment of the mental health issues that have been plaguing you.

Depression Medication Helpline

There is no time like right now to reach out to our depression experts to find out how our depression treatment plans can best benefit you, your depression and/or addiction. Call our toll-free 24 hour helpline so that you can speak, in complete confidence, with one of our compassionate counselors.

A call to our depression and addiction rehab helpline will provide you with all of the answers you are looking for. There is no need to feel like you will be harshly judged for your depression and your addiction; our counselors are knowledgeable, compassionate, and will work tirelessly to find the best rehab option to meet your unique needs. Place your recovery from your mental health concerns firmly in our hands; we are here to help you break free and move forward with a life that is much happier, healthier, and productive.