Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Depression

Why You Shouldn't Hide Your Depression

Depression can quickly take control of every aspect of your life. For many people, hiding or denying depression is the most logical way of dealing with the situation. In our society, there is quite a lot of stigma against depression. Many people are afraid of discussing their mental health problems with anyone else because of this stigma. However, over time, hiding depression will only cause your symptoms to worsen and your personal and professional life to suffer.

The Risks You Take With Your Life When You Don’t Get Depression Help

Depressed individuals may at times have very severe symptoms. They are unable to see or think clearly or rationally, and may even feel that life is not worth living because nothing feels interesting anymore. One of the main reasons why it is so important to seek depression treatment as soon as possible is because of the risk of suicide. Without timely treatment, the symptoms may become so severe that you may be driven toward self-destructive behaviors.

Depression can take joy the joy out of life and cloud your thinking and judgment processes. People may take very dangerous risks with their lives while depressed and the decisions they make are often based on a negative mindset that may later cause many other problems.

Suicide is one of the biggest risks when depression is left untreated. It affects the life of the victim as well as his or her coworkers, friends and family members. Without depression treatment, the risk of accidents also increases and there is a greater chance of impaired attention and concentration.

How Hiding Depression Can Lead To Addiction

Hiding depression may trigger individuals to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to make their symptoms more manageable. The risk of alcohol and drug abuse is higher in an individual suffering from depression. Although alcohol and drugs may help individuals sleep or reduce anxiety for a short time, in the long run substance abuse will aggravate the symptoms of depression and create a vicious, downward spiral of addiction and mental illness.

Get Help for Depression

When you don’t get depression treatment, your symptoms may worsen and recur. Depression can reduce your productivity at work, lead to absenteeism, injuries at work and can even put you at risk of losing your job. Don’t hide depression because you are afraid of what people may think. Doing so will only cause you more harm. Depression is treatable and you deserve to get the best help available. We can help you get the depression treatment you need. Call our 24 hour toll-free number today for more information.