Substance Abuse as a Remedy for Chronic Jet Lag

Substance Abuse as a Remedy for Chronic Jet Lag

Many people are constantly on the go. For those who travel often via airplane, jet lag can become a real concern – especially if they are traveling between different time zones. Unfortunately, many people in this position choose to take the easy way out and self-medicate their symptoms, especially since getting proper treatment can take too much time out of a busy schedule. However, self-medication is not the best option, especially when that medication comes in the form of substance abuse.

Dangers of Substance Abuse and Chronic Jet Lag

Some of the many symptoms of chronic jet lag include disrupted sleep patterns, fatigue, digestive issues, muscle soreness, and an overall sense of feeling under the weather. These side effects of constant air travel can become so invasive that they cause individuals to start abusing drugs or alcohol to cope. This can be incredibly dangerous for the following reasons:

  • Worsening symptoms – If an individual chooses to use drugs or alcohol to cope with his chronic jet lag, he will only make symptoms worse. Most substances cause side effects similar to chronic jet lag.
  • Addiction development – Not only is substance abuse dangerous because it can harm both an individual’s mind and body, but it can also develop into an addiction problem that requires further treatment. Using substances to cope with chronic jet lag can lead to the development of addiction, especially if travel (and jet lag) is frequent.
  • Professional distress – This type of constant travel often happens to individuals that are traveling for work. Therefore, if jet lag becomes bad enough where he abuses drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication, he can begin to struggle at work as a result of the combined symptoms.

Chronic jet lag and substance abuse can lead to worsening symptoms, addiction development, and professional troubles.

The Importance of Treatment

Seeking help for chronic jet lag can be incredibly important for frequent travelers. Doctors can prescribe medication that will treat your unique jet lag symptoms. This can help prevent self-medication from occurring, and in turn, prevent addiction development. However, if addiction has already developed, it is crucial that professional treatment is sought so individuals can learn how to cope with jet lag and traveling in ways that do not continually promote substance abuse.

Do You Need Treatment for Substance Abuse?

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