The Dangers of Self-Medicating Your Depression

When an individual is in psychological pain, his or her reaction is the same as it is to any other kind of pain: he begins to search for the easiest and closest solution available. Some confide in family and friends, some try to distract themselves with more hours at work or more varied pursuits of pleasure and still others seek chemical relief through drugs or alcohol.

Drugs Commonly Abused by Depression Patients

The following are some drugs commonly abused by individuals suffering from depression:

  • Depressants which calm the user and relieve stress
  • Stimulants which boost the user out of his slump of low self-esteem and give him a temporary burst of excitement
  • Analgesics which decrease the user’s sensitivity to pain

Stimulants tend to be most commonly abused by depression victims, but individuals may take any combination of the above drugs or others that are not listed.

Dangers of Self-Medication

Self-medication brings all kinds of risk. The user is likely to grow addicted to the substance, as it turns from something he or she uses for temporary relief into the only thing that gets the individual out of bed in the morning. Not knowing personal tolerance level or being too depressed to care about proper dosage brings with it the risk of overdose. While the drug seems to be relieving the user’s pain, it makes depression worse. Unchecked escalation of drug use will result in permanent damage to the user and his or her life.

Effective Treatment for Depression and Self-Medication

Please call our toll-free helpline today if you or your loved one suffers from depression and has turned to substance abuse for relief. This is only a temporary solution and will cause far more harm than good. Many substance users have an underlying mental health concern that has never been diagnosed, but professional help will bring these conditions to light so that they can be treated and so the drug user can become from addiction once and for all. We are available 24 hours a day, so call any time you need advice, a caring listener or access to resources for recovery. Please seek recovery by calling us today.