Trouble at Home because of Depression and Addiction

Depression and addiction, whether combined or on their own, can wreak havoc on a family. Dealing with a family member who deals with depression, anxiety and addiction is difficult for all of the other members of the family. There is help for families in crisis.

Knowing When to Seek Help with Depression and Addiction

Seeking help for your loved one is not only about getting them the help that they need. Getting help can be for the safety of children who live in the household. There is a correlation between domestic violence and addiction, and this can have an absolutely devastating effect on the entire family. You find immediate help if any of the following is true:

  • The situation in the household has escalated to the point of violence
  • There is daily family conflict and addiction is playing a strong role in this
  • The family’s financial stability is being threatened due to drug and alcohol abuse

Getting Help for Depression and Addiction

Help for depression and addiction is crucial, especially if the family’s stability and wellbeing is going to be restored and maintained thereafter. Addiction rehab has the following benefits:

  • Drug and alcohol rehab can help an individual get clean and sober and understand the consequences of his or her past addicted behavior
  • Family addiction counseling can help all members of a family work through issues including anger, resentment and sadness
  • Family drug counseling can help all family members understand how they can best help their addicted family member with their sobriety

There should be no hesitating in seeking out the help that can help to restore stability and happiness to a family. Consider an integrated rehab facility that will treat addictive behaviors and help address any anxiety and depression that is underlying the addiction. Addicted individuals often struggle with at least one mental health concern that can contribute to their inability to stay clean and sober for any length of time. By treating the whole person and not just the addiction the chances of a successful sobriety are dramatically increased.

Get Help for Depression and Addiction Today

Don’t put off getting help for yourself or for a family member who is currently trying to cope with an addiction and depression. You owe it to yourself and your family to get the help that is needed. Call us to learn more about your options. Our kind and compassionate counselors are ready to listen, dispense suggestions and help to get you back on the pathway of recovery. All calls are free and confidential, and we are here to help 24 hours a day. Please call now.