What Is Bipolar Disorder NOS?

What Is Bipolar Disorder NOS?

There are a few different types of bipolar disorder; one form is bipolar disorder NOS. Individuals struggling with bipolar disorder NOS may display some symptoms of bipolar disorder I or II; however, these symptoms are not as strong, prevalent or specific enough to yield a firm diagnosis. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), symptoms of bipolar disorder NOS include the following:

  • Mania and depression – Similar to bipolar I and II, bipolar disorder NOS causes periods of both mania and depression; however, these periods are not long enough to classify as a symptom of bipolar I or II.
  • Hypomania – Hypomania is common throughout all types of bipolar disorders. Individuals who have bipolar disorder NOS are likely to have hypomanic episodes, but not the depressive episodes that define a symptom of bipolar disorder I or II.

It is common for doctors to look for other causes of the symptoms related to bipolar disorder NOS before classifying it as such. In many cases, doctors look to rule out other psychiatric conditions and drug abuse before taking the extra step to diagnose bipolar disorder NOS because the symptoms can be shared with other disorders.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder NOS

Even though bipolar disorder NOS and other forms of bipolar disorder vary symptomatically, the treatment processes share some similarities. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most highly recommended forms of treatment as it can help individuals identify their destructive tendencies and work to incorporate positive lifestyle changes into their everyday life. Group therapy and social rhythm therapy are also highly suggested; both of these therapies can help encourage social success and can develop support from others who are also diagnosed with bipolar disorder NOS.

Do You Need Treatment for Bipolar Disorder NOS?

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