What Is the Young Mania Rating Scale?

What Is the Young Mania Rating Scale?

Many children and adolescents show symptoms of mental disturbance early on in their lives. To address this, many physicians and psychologists use the Young Mania Rating Scale, a diagnostic tool designed to diagnose mental illnesses in children and teens. Utilizing this tool can provide better care and treatment to these individuals as they grow into adults, which can in turn prevent serious issues, such as addiction, as a result.

How Does the Young Mania Rating Scale Work?

The purpose of the Young Mania Rating Scale is to use a questionnaire to measure how serious an individual’s behaviors are. This questionnaire focuses on the following topics:

  • Elevated Mood
  • Increased Motor Activity or Energy
  • Sexual Interest
  • Sleep
  • Irritability
  • Speech: rate & amount
  • Language: thought disorder
  • Content
  • Disruptive or aggressive behavior
  • Appearance
  • Insight

The individual taking this test can rate these categories based on his experiences in the past week. This tool will then help diagnosticians determine the biggest areas of concern and work to address them.

How the Young Mania Rating Scale Helps

While most children and teens will likely want to avoid this test, those who do take it have a better chance at an accurate diagnosis, and thereby recovery. This testing module can help improve the lives of children and adolescents in the following ways:

  • Prevent addiction – Many drug users have some mental illness that has contributed to their substance abuse. However, by utilizing the Young Mania Rating Scale, people can prevent addiction by getting the care they need rather than letting their disorder go untreated.
  • Promote treatment – Most mental illnesses are genetic, so using the Young Mania Rating Scale gives a patient the opportunity to manage an illness before it gets out of control. By using the appropriate treatment, patients can be on the look out for when other members of the family display signs of mental illness, and then they can connect them with the treatment they deserve.

By using the Young Mania Rating Scale, individuals can prevent addiction and promote treatment not only in themselves, but also in their loved ones.

Help for Mental Illnesses

To treat a suspected mental illness, reach out to doctors and/or therapists to discuss your symptoms. Doing so can encourage strong coping skills to manage the disorders, and it can connect patients with the right treatment to balance moods and/or any other outstanding mental difficulties.

Help for a Mental Disorder

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