What You Need to Know About Depression Rehab

If you are experiencing feelings of sadness, hopelessness or the fatigue of depression, there is help available. You may be considering depression treatment for yourself or someone you love. When you make a decision to seek depression rehab, it is important to have all the facts.

When Is Depression Serious?

Depression is more than just a sad feeling. Depression is a medically treatable disorder. Symptoms of depression last more than two weeks and may include the following:

  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Changes in eating patterns that lead to weight gain or weight loss
  • Sad moods that interfere with your ability to live normal life
  • Inability to make decisions, problems concentrating, mood swings or irritability
  • Crying spells or feeling like you are unable to cry or move
  • Thoughts about death, giving up or suicide
  • Self-medicating depression with drugs, alcohol or dangerous activities
  • In more severe cases, hallucinations may occur

Depression Is a Serious but Medically Treatable Condition

There are a variety of ways to treat depression, and, because every person is different, every case of depression requires a unique approach. Many people choose inpatient treatment to treat the feelings of depression. It can seem frightening to begin an inpatient depression rehab program, but many people find that depression treatment is rewarding and life-saving. Many people even find themselves enjoying rehab, because it takes them away from everyday life and provides a different and supportive environment.

If you are struggling with depression and a substance abuse problem, there are specialized programs available to help you. You don’t have to do this alone.

What You Can Expect in Depression Rehabilitation Treatment

Depression treatment and depression rehab offer you a number of helpful treatment options that include the following:

  • A comfortable space away from everyday life
  • A team of therapists, counselors and psychiatrists to help you get back on track
  • Medical management or medicine to help treat depression quickly
  • Treatment for trauma or past problems
  • Family support and family education to help heal your family
  • Detox and addiction treatment as needed
  • Supportive group therapy for addictions
  • Extras such as fun activities and events
  • Follow-up care to help you achieve lasting wellness

Find Depression Treatment Now

You want to find a treatment program that specializes in depression care and creates a unique treatment plan to meet the needs of yourself and those you love. We offer a unique service that matches people up with the treatment and care that fits their needs. We work with some of the nation’s leading licensed rehab programs to help all people find the counseling and rehab resources that can change lives. We can help you find rehab care, work with your insurance company to receive coverage for treatment, arrange transportation to treatment and more.

When depression is overwhelming, we can help. Call any time; we’re available 24 hours a day. All of our calls are completely toll free and confidential.