Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Depression and Addiction Help

You may try to self-medicate to treat your depression, or you might be depressed because of an addiction problem. The cycle of addiction and depression is complicated, and it requires treatment to overcome. Depression is more than just feeling sad. Depression is an intense sadness that lasts longer than two weeks. It is a strong feeling that is more than feeling stressed or sad. Depression can happen without any real reason, but sad events can trigger major depressive episodes that may last months or years. You might have depression if you experience the following:


  • Have a hard time moving around, waking up or getting motivated
  • Feel depressed or irritable for most of the day
  • Gain or lose weight rapidly while feeling sad
  • Sleep more often or cannot sleep much at all
  • Think about death, suicide or giving up
  • Feel worthless, hopeless or guilty

Dual Diagnosis of Depression and Addiction

If you are struggling with co-occurring addiction and depression, you may have a Dual Diagnosis. There are specialty treatments available to help you overcome both of these issues at once. You can become well again, there is hope. Dual Diagnosis does create a special challenge for recovery. If you are using drugs or alcohol to treat your depression, you may become more depressed over time. While drugs or alcohol can numb the feelings of anxiety and depression you feel for a short time, there are always repercussions to this type of self-medication. Over time, substance use will only lead to more depression.

Similarly, if you become addicted to a substance, you may lose friends, relationships and jobs. Your life may revolve around that next “fix.” This is not a happy way to live. Addiction leads to depression, and depression leads to addiction. The cycle of addiction can take over your whole life. With integrated Dual Diagnosis treatment, you can experience a full recovery.

Addiction and Depression Will Only Get Better with Treatment

Even if you have tried traditional drug treatment before, Dual Diagnosis (also known as integrated treatment) can work where other treatment has failed. Integrated treatment helps you heal the cause of addiction, and it helps heal the wounds caused by active substance use. Integrated treatment will help you balance your moods. With the help of therapists and medication, you can help heal depression. With the support of a medically supervised detox and a treatment team, you can overcome addiction. This problem will not go away on its own. You must seek treatment.

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